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24.02.2017 03:15:56
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Recensione da incorniciare, priva di fronzoli e parole vuote. Fornisce un quadro molto esplicativo di questo gruppo che si sta imponendo sempre più all’attenzione generale. Complimenti all’autrice di questo articolo..!

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24.02.2017 01:11:43
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You’re a badass, Steven. Even though you are in pain from this shitty disease you are still trying to make the best of it by educating others with these videos. I hope you get that scalp replacement surgery that you were talking about on your last video, dude. Good luck from all of us here at PTZ.

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23.02.2017 22:53:39
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I read your post and wished I was good enough to write it

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23.02.2017 21:57:08
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Thanks for your response Sam. I did think other things would take focus, and things are bound to be different now your working for OTOY. I still enjoy the blog and has inspired me to make my own little OpenCL PT after my viva next week (hopefully will have more time soon).One Q. - can you have multiple instances that overlap each others (i.e. dragons intersecting each other) ?

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23.02.2017 21:41:08
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Lori/Nancy; Congratulations – You made it. How great you must feel.I just wish I was thereto see it. You can be very proud of yourselfs.

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23.02.2017 19:42:39
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Posts like this brighten up my day. Thanks for taking the time.

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23.02.2017 19:37:12
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how can this sort of hormone imbalance affect somebody with issues with motivation/adhd drive and a bit of internet addiction ever since i had issues with my hyperthyroid during college.I know i havent felt the same and despite doing beyond what i ever thought i could before all this happened in school ( I was pre-med suddenly pulling straight A’s in school after being one who always had trouble focusing in school as i was always adhd) afterwards it just seemed everything got worse.

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23.02.2017 18:10:03
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Wow, this is in every respect what I needed to know.

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22.01.2017 12:00:11
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AFJ. Liz - never imagined you as a stalker - it’d be quite a task - seeing that I’m on the other side of the Atlantic to you. And thanks for telling your friends about me and my books. That is always appreciated.

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18.01.2017 18:00:51
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Thanks for elaborating on that Dale, wise words I think. I guess I was reacting to a view I’ve come across from a lot from Christians that suffering is a painful but God-given blessing in disguise. Assuming there is a God, I wonder whether:a) painful events are part of God’s plan for us, because we learn from them, orb) God grieves for his children and dislikes these events as much as we do but can use painful events to bring about good (kinda opportunistic), orc) pain is just part of the natural system that is life and death on earth and God doesn’t interfere.

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