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22.03.2017 14:23:12
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I don't know who you wrote this for but you helped a brother out.

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22.03.2017 13:44:10
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You've got it in one. Couldn't have put it better.

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22.03.2017 12:12:03
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That insight's just what I've been looking for. Thanks!

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21.03.2017 20:53:11
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Okay, I’m laughing as I read the list of ingredients for your wonderful-sounding gravy, as they’re awfully similar to the list for our Thanksgiving dinner itself — Braised Turkey Legs that are done sous vide style. Donna’s gorgeous photo of the beautifully browned legs has got ours beat, though. Have a wonderful holiday!

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21.03.2017 13:03:38
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oh Vikki, words of great inspiration and of a lady who is wise beyond her years!! Your mind is beautiful, your thoughts are kind. Wonderful photos!Rock itLove Dribb

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21.03.2017 04:19:33
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And to think I was going to talk to someone in person about this.

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20.03.2017 03:41:54
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SÅ smart! Bra jobba ;D Jeg også irriterer meg grønn. Til og med barnedynen passer ikke inn i "vanlige" dynetrekk ( uten om ikea sine egne..) Pute trekkene ble fine :D

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19.03.2017 22:55:04
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C’est très bien pour Me Koubbi, il s’est fait une excellente publicité, comme Me Collard en son temps avec M. Virenque, et il en a profité pour remettre Tristane Banon sur le devant de la scène. Elle doit être heureuse, elle aussi, d’être de nouveau passée sur le petit écran.En fait, il n y a qu’un seul mécontent, Jerôme Kerviel, c’est donc un excellent arrêt qui a été rendu.

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19.03.2017 21:44:52
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Bueno, yo he aprendido a ser un suspicaz irredento, y creo más bien que tienes el blog repleto de personas creando tensión. Los resultados "sorpresivos" de kabílmetros anteriores me lo confirman. Además, he aprendido a ser un bocazas de mucho cuidado ;-)

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19.03.2017 17:41:45
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Oh Katy, I am so very sorry, I did not have my grandparents for a long time in my life, I am now a grandmother and my grandson is 17 months old, I so hope he will remember as you do how much I love him and I hope as your Nan did I will have an impact on his life. Katy she is so proud of you and her love will always be there.

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