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Nothing I could say would give you undue credit for this story.

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So nice to actually see TRUE family values on display. What a wonderful ad. It could be a PSA.And a big thanks to Expedia. Looks like they ‘found their understanding’ in a big way.Thanks for passing this on John. It made my day. :)

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Great info and delightful pictures; it’s good to see all sides of their behavior. I saw an elephant seal for the first time when we were in Alaska in Sept — they are huge! Thanks for sharing all about them.

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In line with my study, after a foreclosed home is available at a bidding, it is common for that borrower to still have some sort ofthat remaining balance on the loan. There are many financial institutions who seek to have all costs and liens cleared by the next buyer. Nevertheless, depending on a number of programs, restrictions, and state regulations there may be a few loans that are not easily sorted out through the transfer of personal loans. Therefore, the obligation still rests on the borrower that has acquired his or her property in foreclosure. Many thanks sharing your notions on this web site.

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I wanted to spend a minute to thank you for this.

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It’s a bummer when food looks great but doesn’t taste great. Maybe in a few days you’ll be less critical of your pie.I’ve always used Olive Oil for my Roasted Potatoes, never thought to use EB.

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No marlin you are wrong. School reports in NSW have nothing to do with the Howard government and were an initiative of the NSW government, and their origins pre-date the Howard government. I don’t even know if they are used in other states.But don’t let ignorance stop you from making a comment.

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Los sociatas cuando no sale elegido el que no os gusta, decís que no hay democracia. Se hicieron unas elecciones democráticas en las que una mayoría absoluta depositó su confianza en Rajoy para que haga lo que crea conveniente para sacar al país de este desastre en que nos dejó el anterior gobierno.

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