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29.04.2017 15:39:56
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Oops I misread your post, now I understand what you are saying.Have you seen any site penalized for having snippets of an article on the homepage though - I don't think I have.

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29.04.2017 13:38:53
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I still want to read the history / political-science book by this blogger. I dimly recall he was writing one.We simply do not have an heir to Carlyle in the West. Does Moldbug want to take his mantle?

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29.04.2017 11:56:51
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28.04.2017 20:29:50
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Hawkwind? Really??You always put a unique spin on your older vintage, loving it, as always. P.S. are you jealous that I will be meeting Helga! in person next week, I'm so damn excited I can hardly breathe!!!

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