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Now I feel stupid. That's cleared it up for me

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Ed Jagel is responsible for ruining people’s lives, little kids lives (who grew up in foster systems, having everyone tell them their parents were evil), and stealing money from the government for not doing work. Someone who manipulates the system in such a way needs to be accountable for such evil. There is no excuse for doing something wrong so many times.3-strikes your out? Well, you had 25 strikes, now go to jail and take responsibility.

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You saved me a lot of hassle just now.

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Send the synopsis of the report from World Net Daily to your congressman AFTER you speak with him. We need to bombard the capitol with this information. The MSM will stifle it as you saw in the press conference. They plan to shoot the messenger. Typical Saul Alinksy trick.

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post it up!…It’s very colorful and lovely OLED screen is slightly smaller than the touch screen, but the player itself feels quite a bit smaller and lighter. It weighs about 2/3 as much, and is noticeably smaller in width and height, while being just a hair thick…

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David,Estaba leyendo este largo articulo; pero Buenísimo…Me encanta como explicas las cosas como dicen en Puerto Rico ( el arroz y habichuelas) simple.. Estaba pensando en lo que platicaste al caso de los enlaces en tu sitio web,y me pude percatar que hay muchos lugares que hacen esto y todavía están bien en Google.??? Lo que si te digo que después de leer esto,estoy mas empapado en el asunto por este nuevo update. Gracias por el escrito.Ciao,Luis

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As well they should, next up is the US congress, the Fed, and of course the treasury dept, headed by that tax dodgin turbo Timmy that has the others by the you know whats. Finders keepers, losers weepers, all in a days work.

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Aug30 What makes Floyd the best is that he is well rounded. He fought every different style of fighter. Pacman only fight boxers who only know how to brawl. Most winners in life are always well rounded.

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Perfect shot! Thanks for your post!

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