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I find that often my instinctive reaction to even the best constructive criticism is indignation. How dare anyone try to tell me how to write my story. But with practice (doesn’t everything take practice) I’ve learned to let the indignation go so I can really examine the advice. Because until you look at it with an open mind, you can’t truly evaluate whether it’s the best advice for your story.

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disse:Daniela, prefiro que você faça como eu fiz. Cole um trecho do texto que você gostou e link para o blog. Se tiver um comentário seu, melhor ainda! Assim ganha o blog original e o seu. mas se preferir republicar tudo bem.

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Back in school, I'm doing so much learning.

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Free info like this is an apple from the tree of knowledge. Sinful?

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204Caraca. Esse post é excelente e diz tudo. Parabéns. Você soube dizer exatamente o que acontece nessa nossa linda “e às vezes amarga “Blogsfera.Confesso que já fui meio bitolado com essas coisas de Parcerias, me dá uns trocados que falo de seu produto e tals. Mas ainda bem que percebi logo as coisas e depois de 4 anos blogando, já colho bons frutos e frutos que realmente valem a pena.Mais uma vez, parabéns pelo post.abraços

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You've got it in one. Couldn't have put it better.

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you have even less time for than Negri.As for discussion about Negri the forthcoming should be pretty exciting and interesting.Also I am not sure why you would use a picture of (what I assume) to be people in North running down a road for an article about a political debate in South Africa.rebel loveDave

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Disagree on Byham. He was impressive and looked promising as a rookie. It is not Baalke’s fault he got injured. He deserves a higher grade or an incomplete for that pick.If we do not draft Fleener, I predict Byham makes the team and has an impressive season as a blocking tight end in our running game.Nice blog choice.

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Kinda speechles…hmmm, well, cool blog-found ya thru Miss Britt- love her take on life and you? Well I’m learning sooo may new things.Wow! But, I don’t scare easily so I’ll be back!Oh and before you waste your time I’m a Mama Blogger ;0. But I’m cute, does that count?

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...Why are we encouraged to "Separate selectors and declarations by new lines."?I always compress my css before putting it on a live website, which leaves the css rules all on one line. Why does it matter?You don't edit your compressed code, though, do you? These aren't suggestions for how your code should look to the public; they're suggestions for developers and designers to help increase the maintainability of their code.Elev8 said...If these rules are to improve overall site speed [...]Where do these suggestions say anything about site speed?

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