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Wow, GREAT job on the long run, Lisa! That is some crazy elevation change!I really don’t think I could handle running in a place where there actually ARE snakes. I am terrified even in Brooklyn (and I’m pretty sure we are essentially snake-less minus maybe an escaped pet or two . . . but just that possibility is enough to terrify me!!)Glad your long runs have been so awesome and therapeutic for you lately!

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Je vous JURE: je ne suis pas raciste ni xénophobe, ni protectionniste et ni intégriste du Dieu Ballon de foot mais personne n’a remarqué que cette situation se produisait uniquement avec nos cousins du Maghreb? Biensûr, une minorité qui fait honte à la large majorité. La raison car c’est ce qui nous intéresse: je l’ignore.

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That's way more clever than I was expecting. Thanks!

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it has some drawbacks when compared to the iPad, especially on size and power. But I’m impressed with the new specs of the Kindle Fire 2 with the 10inch screen. Some of the new specs are at kindlemad.com and I think they will be opening up pre-orders soon.

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Uh ha....jeg ville rigtig gerne købe et stykke tapet, men jeg kommer jo nok desværre for sent eller ..???? Håber og krydser fingre. mvh Sofie. sofiegrangaard@gmail.com

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This is Susan CT (SassySu61 on Ravelry) in Upper Marlboro, MD. I would like this hook because I am very interested in learning how to make beautiful projects with the Tunisian hook. I have been crocheting since I was 7 and looking forward to crocheting till I can’t.Looking forward to this and all giveaways coming my way.

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Completely agree! My French tarragon has done will over the winter and come back strong every year. It becomes my “weapon of choice” every summer because it goes so well with everything.

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