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Dear Roommate, February 9, 2013 can you please just be quiet i am so so tired… i am forced to live on your schedule and i just want to sleep please please please

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Son of a gun, this is so helpful!

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First of all - Congrats on the loss! You are moving in the right direction!! You have really great goals set for this week. I was wondering if planning your meals a day in advance so you knew what the caloric count was for each meal would help with balancing calories throughout the day so you aren't left with a bulk in the later part of your day. Just a thought.

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you know – I love seeing all these mooks in congress/senate bashing wall street for this mess, forgetting that they pushed hard for affordable mortgage products and an end to discriminatory lending practices (and I don’t mean race, but socio-economic). Anyone remember that rhetoric during the “everyone should own a home” craze, or was I in some altered state? and please, I think the banking industry is to blame for a majority of this mess, but not completely alone.

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So totally enough. Hang in there Momma, we are all rooting for you all.# I offer my sincere apologies for being so negative and obtuse and gloomy. I love Z. I am so anxious to get to know her. I feel optimistic that she has a bright future. I believe in her. I know that we are doing everything we can right now to give her the best chance at recovery from all of this that we can. And that is enough.

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Walking in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

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You're the one with the brains here. I'm watching for your posts.

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How could any of this be better stated? It couldn't.

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pato en ves de pasar tanto videitos y novedades de otro pais , porque no te preocupas en darle voleo a las empresas en Argentina que son las que te dan de comer y que vien cobras las publicidades. y otras que no las tenes en tu pagina y tampoco le das una mano en tu web

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