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What a gorgeous painting! Getting a painting would definitely be special. You need to make more! I love the colors you use. Inspires me to dabble :PCheers,Karen O.

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- Hey Kim,Congrats on the iphone…has it changed your life? … don’t worryabout keeping it safe. I got over the scratches pretty soon!I’ve had it for over a year and it’s still working fine…I’llmake Bonnie get one eventually…- Joe M

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14.11.2016 11:36:15
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Oh, the writers of the books/series should read your reviews! I'm sure they would absolutely love the way you react :p Come on, seriously, can't anyone tell them what they're missing!! :p

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Kaspersky non dice se la chiave e' random ma precisa solo che il file della chiave e' criptato e la codifica e' un RSA-1024 (quindi una codifica asimmetrica) ma secondo me basta che paghi una persona per avere il "decrypting tool" e il virus non fa piu' paura...se Kaspersky dovesse acquistare il tool sarebbe la cosa piu' logica cosicche' avrebbe la possibilita' di ripulire i pc infetti implementandolo nei suoi tools...anche se cmq la cosa migliore e tenere __SEMPRE__ gli occhi bene aperti, la testa sulle spalle e l'antivirus sempre aggiornato.CIAO CIAO

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That saves me. Thanks for being so sensible!

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– bhai, maaf karneka. Apun ko kya maalum aapka dil bacchan memsaab pe gayelaa hai?@ps – it is a very nice film, good entertainment and lovely camera work. Do watch it.

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13.11.2016 17:00:40
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Isn’t that interesting information you get from the statistics?!? I have decided I may need to start doing something different on mine….because I am getting traffic looking for different things than I am putting out there….they are searching for “young girls” and things and I am just posting fun little stories about my family! Yuck! I am glad you are getting a lot of traffic though!

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13.11.2016 16:02:40
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Pasta and garden tailings are a mainstay around here. Your garden does look nice, though. I’ve got to get my rear in gear and do the winter clean up around this place!

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13.11.2016 15:20:44
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Interesting. My first thought was, “Wow, this isn’t your typical tv “fast-food” Black family. No singing, rapping, dancing, acting goofy, or silly facial contortions. And they’re actually seated together and having a normal conversation. But like most everyone else, my next thought was, “Okay, so where’s the daddy at?”

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