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12.01.2018 14:02:19
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I think the card turned out lovely. The colors are different and very attractive. May not be wht you intended but it still looks great! It was nice meeting you at Lain’s webinar tonight. I’m sure we’ll meet there again soon!

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3.08.2017 06:42:13
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Ho visto la puntata di venerdì e pur conoscendo il traffico illegale di pinne non immaginavo che fosse così vasto, pari quasi a quello della droga.Gli squali mi hanno sempre affascinata ma non mi ero mai resa conto di quanto fossero importanti per l’equilibrio della nostra terra.Cosa possiamo fare per aiutarli?

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3.08.2017 05:11:16
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Ce mă bucur că ai fost şi că ţi-a plăcut, Andra . Anul trecut a fost în sala de la Cafe Godot. E adevărat că vorbea încet, dar avea microfon şi se auzea destul de bine, chiar şi când s-a servit ceai. Oricum, a fost ceva plăcut şi deosebit, nu-i aşa?

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2.08.2017 03:03:40
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ah such a cute weekend outfit, loving the nautical theme too i can imagine about wellington, sometimes i meet new people in sydney and find out we have mutual friends – always blows my mind!

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1.08.2017 12:16:19
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I believe that sometimes we can only see the change that we cause in the world when we stop for a moment and look at the bigger picture, as a whole. Sometimes we get so caught up in changing the whole world we forget the small changes we’ve made that do in fact alter the world we live in.I strongly agree and encourage others to believe in what they do.Great post!

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31.07.2017 23:39:16
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Yra tokia Krivio Jono TrinkÅ«no knyga “Lietuvių senosios religijos kelias”. Ji taryt skatina susirasti savus takelius į Baltų religinÄ™ pasaulėžiÅ«rÄ…. Na, nebent (kaip koks nedorÄ—lis nusikaltÄ—lis) pasiilgai dekalogų liepiamÄ…ja nuosaka.

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31.07.2017 12:44:50
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holy moly crazy man! glad you are OK and so is your home. but really since when are you a storm chaser?we are praying for everyone in tornado alley this year. what a violent season it has already been.hugs to all of you!jill

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27.07.2017 19:01:10
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thank for dropping this story. I’m certainly tired of struggling to locate relevant and intelligent commentary on this topic. Everyone nowadays seem to go to extremes to either drive home their viewpoint or suggest that everybody else in the globe is wrong. thank for your concise and relevant insight.

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25.07.2017 01:04:57
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I wanted to spend a minute to thank you for this.

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22.07.2017 16:07:11
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That's a mold-breaker. Great thinking!

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