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9.12.2016 03:49:07
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Hey Matt,Great article/post on the Mater Key System. Approximately 3 years ago I downloaded a copy of it, based on what I read about it, and for some reason I never read it.Well, now it on my list of books to read.Thanks for the reminder.Guy

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9.12.2016 02:55:40
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Yup, that should defo do the trick!

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above " Islam is considered a respectable world religion". Until INDIVIDUALS educate themselves by learning who the enemy is, and there is an enemy, ignorance, appeasement, and political correctness are going to lose this war for us.

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9.12.2016 00:01:43
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Have you given any consideration at all with converting your web-site in to French? I know a few of translaters here that would help you do it for free if you want to contact me.

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8.12.2016 21:15:38
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verodusud dit :Et moi quiharcèle les collègues dès qu’ils vont qq part!! c’est à toi que je devrai demander deme ramener mon sable! (ça porte un nom mais je ne sais plus lequel qd on collectionne les sables) (et c’est pas plus con qu’autre chose comme colec!)

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يعطيك ألف ألف عافيه بإنتظار باقي حلول الاخرى …. انتهيت من مهمات مرحلة الدورية لكن ننتظر المجموعة الثانيه ياليت ماتتاخر عنا

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What another $ 80 billion we do not have? Heck lets just round and give them a trillion, after all, the U.S. Dollar is not even going to be worth a nickel Zimbabwe yet our government is out of control gasto.No, I disagree, but this government has shown it does not care what the American people want, it's all about fulfilling them with his agenda, even if it hurts Americans (ie: Cap and Trade).

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8.12.2016 19:02:09
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i'm thinking additions to frocks for tiny(my little girl) and for my friends little girl. cute little bag for tiny to keep her 'things' in (i find it better not to ask her why!) and ooooooooo so many ideas

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That's a cunning answer to a challenging question

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8.12.2016 12:15:31
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Pleasing to find someone who can think like that

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