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By :you know Tim I hope you are seriously considering getting your RE license, knocking out a couple years, then starting your own Brokerage…With your platform, media attention you have drawn, and technical expertise I think you are leaving ALOT of money on the table if you don’t try this….Grinding out the hours at RF w/o exploring your own venture over the next decade would be a shame. That worked really well over at RCG. /sarc – Rate this comment: 1  0

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i sent my papers last month and i still haven’t got anything in the mail how long does it take and is there a way that i can check if they have arrived yet?

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pardon, une erreur d traduction: ce n’est pas « massacre » mais:  » l’égorgement en masse des buffles a commencé…

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5 ans d’utilisation de ce système (distribution Fedora) et beaucoup de satisfaction. N’hésitez pas à franchir le pas, après un temps d’adaptation pour comprendre la logique Linux, vous pourrez vous régaler de ses multiples possibilités, bien épaulé par la communauté des utilisateurs.

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Wow I must confess you make some very trenchant points.

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... and sorry for the confusion, but it looks like the comment view in Blogger may be making the URL look different, so make sure to use the mouse the select, copy and paste it instead of typing it.

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Daniel:Hollywood is even more far gone than you imagine. In a meeting with some development execs a few days ago, I was pitching a story that has a Jewish element. The execs asked me if I could change the Jew to a Muslim. I asked why. They told me that they feel it's their duty to present a positive view of Islam. These were all Jewish executives. Naturally.

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